Viorica Musat

Viorica Musat

Viorica Musat

Center of Nanostructures and Functional Materials (CNMF-UDJG), “Dunărea de Jos” University of Galaţi (UDJG), Romania

Professor Viorica Muşat obtained PhD in Chemistry/Physical chemistry (“Heterogeneous Kinetics in Magnetic Mixed Oxides Systems”) from University of Bucharest and has taught courses on Basics of Nanotechnology and Nanomaterials, Physical chemistry, Ceramic materials Multifunctional and smart materials, Composite and hybrid materials, Materials for renewable energies, Functional thin films.

She was member of the National Council for Attesting Titles, Diplomas and Certificates-CNATDCU-Materials Science and Engineering Commission (2012-2016) and served as Director of Doctoral Studies Council from UDJG (2012-2016). 

She is Director of Centre of Nanostructures and Functional Materials (CNMF- UDJG) since its foundation in 2006 and is directing PhD thesis in Materials Science and Engineering/Nanotechnologies and Functional Nanomaterials. 

She has participated (as responsible of Romanian partner) in European R&D projects (FP7-NMT-ERA-NET, FP7-NMP-2010-SMALL-4, NATO Science for piece, NATO visiting expert) on nanostructured materials with application in transparent/flexible electronics and sensing, as well as in the co-organization of more national and international conferences.

Her research activity has focused on the use of chemical methods in solutions for obtaining functional nanostructured materials. These methods, besides the advantage of using simple and cheap equipments at low temperature and pressure close to normal conditions, show great versatility in obtaining new compositions, structures and morphologies and thus new functions and new advanced applications. Sol-gel, solvo/hydrothermal, co-precipitation, self-assembling, chemical bath deposition, MW-assisted synthesis, biomimetic synthesis were used to obtain nanostructured (QDs, nanowires, 2D nanostructures, thin films) oxides, composite and hybrid materials for advanced applications in transparent/flexible electronics, optoelectronics (HLEDs), solar cells, sensors, antimicrobial and protective coatings, photocatalysis for water purification. And more specifically, Al-doped ZnO transparent conductive oxide (TCO) thin films, hybrid (metal oxide-PMMA) dielectric thin films and semiconductive QD  1D and 2D ZnO-based nanostructures for TFTs technology and photocatalytic activities, as well  as micro/mesoporous thin films for gas, alcohols and UV sensing, spinel oxides (Fe-O, Mn-Fe-O, Ni-Co-Fe-O, Ni-Zn-Fe-O) nanoparticles and related magnetic materials and ferrofluids,  and also complex acrylic-CS-ZnO(Ag) hybrid materials and biomimetic hybrid HAP-CS coatings for prosthetics were developed. She was awarded with  “Gheorghe Spacu” Medal of the Romanian Chemical Society (2015).

She published eight books (author/co-author),  two international books as co-editor and  over 110 papers of which 65 in ISI journals of which over 50 as the first&corresponding author. H-index (without self-citations): 13/14**(ISI WoS), 14 (SCOPUS) and 15 (RG) (V Musat&Bujoreanu). 

 Selected publications:

1. V. Musat Bujoreanu, E. Segal, Kinetics of manganese ferrite generation from aqueous solution of  MnO2 and FeSO4 7H2O through coprecipitation and ageing, Journal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry 50 (1997)  767-771.

2. V. Musat, L. Fournes, A. Wattiaux, J. Etourneau, E. Segal, Cations distribution and magnetic properties of manganese ferrite powder prepared by coprecipitation from MnO2 and FeSO47H2O, International Journal of Inorganic Materials** 3 (2001) 525-529 (in 2001 transformed in Solid State Science**).

3. V. Musat, O. Potecasu, R. Belea, P. Alexandru, Magnetic materials from co-precipitated ferrite  nanoparticles, Materials Science and Engineering: B 167/2 (2010)  85-90.

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5. V. Musat, B. Teixeira, E. Fortunato , R. C. C. Monteiro, Effect of Post-Heat Treatment on the Electrical and Optical Properties of ZnO:Al thin films,Thin Solid Films 502 (2006) 219-222.

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14. M. Ibănescu, V. Muşat*, T. Textor, V. Badilita, Synthesis and characterization of antimicrobial textile finishing based on Ag:ZnO nanoparticles/chitosan biocomposites, RSC Advances, 5 (2015) 21562 – 21571.

15. A. Zaharia, V. Musat*, V. Plescan Ghisman, N.  Baroiu, Antimicrobial hybrid biocompatible materials based on acrylic copolymers modified with (Ag)ZnO/chitosan composite nanoparticles, European Polymer Journal 84 (2016) 550–564.

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Title of ICPAM talk: ZnO-based nanostructures grown by hydrothermal method in preselected areas for direct integration into gas sensing and photodetection devices