Emil Burzo

Emil Burzo

Emil Burzo

Romanian Academy, Romania

Education and professional carrier:

1953–1958 Polytechnical University, Cluj-Napoca and Faculty of Physics, Babes-Bolyai University

1970 PhD, Technical Physics, University Timisoara

1958-1963 Engineer Carbochim Factory, Cluj

1963-1969 Engineer and associate professor Babes-Bolyai University

1969-1990 Senior researcher, Institute of Atomic Physics

1990-2015 Professor Babes-Bolyai University, dean Faculty of Physics 1992-2000

2000-present Director, Center of Excellence “Solid State Physics”, Babes-Bolyai University

Since 2000 Corresponding Member of the Romanian Academy

Since 2009 Full Member of Romanian Academy

Since 2010 President Cluj (Transilvania) Branch of Romanian Academy and Member of Romanian Academy Presidium


Other activities:

Associate researcher L. Nèel Institute, Grenoble 1970

Associate Professor, Carnegie-Mellon University, Pittsburgh (1985, 1989)

Professor J. Fourier University, Grenoble (1992, 1993)

Editor Springer Verlag, Heidelberg

Co-director European Schools on Magnetism (1992-2015)

Presented lectures at 35 universities or Research Institutes from Europa, USA, Israel and China.

Chief Editor Romania Journal of Physics, 2000-present

Member in Editorial Board at 5 international journals (ISI) and referee’s committees for 11 international journals

Member (1993-) and President Physics Commission and vice-presidentof National Council for Attestation of University Titles and Diploma (1997-2006)

President of Romanian Material Society (1997-)

President of Cluj Branch, Romanian Physical Society, 1992-2005 and vice-presidentof Romanian Physical Society (2005-2012)

Member of the Council of Balkan Physical Union Society (1994- 2003 and 2009-present)

Member PAC-Solid State Physics, JINR Dubna-Russia

Fellow Institute of Physics (G.B) (1994-)

Emeritus professor, Babes-Bolyai University

President of Science Materials Commission, Romanian Academy, 2006-


Scientific activity and publications:

His scientific activity was directed on the physical properties of rare-earths and uranium compounds, transition metal solid-solutions, perovskites, amorphous glasses, nanomaterials, high energy permanent magnets, magnetoresistive compounds, heterojunctions, superconducting materials, magnetocaloric materials, silicates. Some models has been elaborate to describe their physical properties.

Author of 24 books:

5 books published by Romanian Academy Publishing House (2300 pages)

19 books (6342 pages) published by Springer Verlag, North Holland and Institute of Physics (GB) Publishing Houses. According to the WorldCat Identities the books are in @ 700 libraries, all the world.

Author of 514 scientific papers,

350 published in international ISI quoted reviews

76 in other international or national journals

24 invited lectures at International Conferences

64 papers presented at International Conferences

The published papers and books have @ 4200 citations (without self-citations) and HI = 31.

Awards, Honorary Titles:

Award of Romania Academy (1971)

Award Hungarian Academy (1999)

Excellence Award Opera Omnia, Ministry of Education and Research (2000)

Excellence Award and Medal of Babes-Bolyai University (1995-2000)

Honorary Diploma, Joint Institute for Nuclear Research, Dubna (2015)

Honor Award, Balkan Physical Union, Istanbul, 2015

Award “Grigore Moisil” of Great Freemason Lodge (2013)

Gold Medal, Vasile Goldis University, Arad

Excellence Award of Institute for Electrotechnical Research (1995, 2010)

Honorary Diploma, Romanian Physical Society, 2015

Doctor Honoris Causa of University of Timisoara (2004), University „Ovidius”, Constanta (2005), Technical University Cluj-Napoca (2006), Valahia University, Targoviste (2008), University of Oradea (2011), ”Petru Maior” University, Targu-Mures (2010)

Commendor, National Distinguish Order (2000), President of Romania

Knight, Romanian Star National order (2015), President of Romania

Knight, of “Sancti Gregorii Magni” Order (Rome, Pope Francisc I) (2012)

Transilvania Cross,  2015 (Mitropolitan of Cluj, Salaj, Maramures County)

Honor of Cluj, 2015, Governor of Cluj County

Honorary Citizen of Cluj-Napoca-City, 2010, Cluj-Napoca (Mayor)

Honorary Citizen, Tarlisua Commune, 2012


Title of ICPAM talk: Magnetic properties of rare-earth-transition compounds at high pressures