From Bucharest
  • Fly to Bucharest with your favourite company and then from Bucharest to Cluj-Napoca using internal flight of TAROM Comp. ( Please consult timetable of TAROM. From the Cluj-Napoca Airport, downtown hotels and Conference Center can be reached within 30 minutes by taxis.
  • Bucharest airport
  • Transport by bus or train from Bucharest to Cluj-Napoca
  • DACOS (bus)
  • Atlassib (bus)
  • Train service
From Budapest
  • Budapest Airport
  • Transport by bus or train from Budapest to Cluj-Napoca
  • Train service
  • Calibra Travel Agency: Direct transfer from the airport to Cluj (no English available)
  • TravelWorld (bus)

Useful Information:


Important information regarding visa can be viewed on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs’ website and contact prof. Romulus TETEAN.


Exchange rate: 1EUR = approx. 4.5 RON (Romanian Lei)
Money can be exchanged at banks, hotels and private offices (Exchange Office).

Public Transportation

Cluj-Napoca has a public transport system based on electric trams, buses and minibuses (“Maxitaxi”). The main routes for buses and trams can be found on conference map.


All taxi cars are yellow painted. The price is equivalent of around 0.5 EURO for starting and 0.5 EURO for each kilometer.