Thin Film Division, Linköping University

1. M. Sc. Applied Physics, 1984, University of Bucharest, Romania.

2. PhD, 1993, in Computational Physics/Materials Science, University of Sydney, Australia.

3. Post-doctor 1994-96 with Prof. Jan-Erik Sundgren at Linköping University.

4. Research Fellow, 1996-98, Profs. J.-E. Sundgren and L. Hultman, Linköping University.

5. Docent, 2000, in Thin Film Physics, Linköping University.

6. Present Position: Associate Professor/Biträdande Professor, from April 2014. Thin Film Division, Linköping University

7. Previous positions:

2003 – 2014 1998 – 2002 1999 – 02/08 1996 – 1998 1994 – 1996 1989 – 1993 1986 – 1989 1984 – 1986

Lecturer (Universitetslektor), Linköping University, Sweden Assistant Professor (FoAss), Linköping University, Sweden Visiting Scientist/Sabbatical at University of Illinois, Urbana, USA Research Fellow, Linköping University, Sweden

Postdoctoral Fellow, Linköping University, Sweden PhD Student, Sydney University, Australia Research Assistant, Sydney University, Australia High School Physics Teacher, Bucharest, Romania

8. Supervised PhD students, Date of Dissertation

Mats Carberg Denis Music
Jon Andersson Dragan Adamovic Erik Wallin

Peter Steneteg Davide Sangiovanni

1999, co-supervisor, main supervisor Prof. Peter Münger. 2003, co-supervisor, main supervisor Prof. Ulf Helmersson. 2005, co-supervisor, main supervisor Prof. Ulf Helmersson. 2006, co-supervisor, main supervisor Prof. Peter Münger. 2009, co-supervisor, main supervisor Prof. Ulf Herlmersson. 2012, co-supervisor, main supervisor Prof. Igor Abrikosov. 2013, main supervisor, co-supervisor Prof. L. Hultman.

Present PhD Research supervision, expected date for PhD

Daniel Edström 2016, main supervisor, co-supervisor Prof. L. Hultman.

9. Area of expertise

– Ab-initio and classical, primarily Molecular Dynamics, computer simulations studies in thin film growth and materials science.

Research contributions

– DFT calculations revealing toughening mechanism in ternary transition-metal nitrides, prediction of several compounds with enhanced toughness, validated experimentally.

– General crystal and thin film growth related phenomena, primarily irradiation effects on nucleation kinetics, inter- and intralayer mass transport, ion-surface interactions, metal-alloy nanoclusters, residual defects energetics.

– Systems of interest: metals, alloys, nitrides, carbides, oxides, semiconductors. – 45 scientific publications
– 10 invited talks


Academic tasks

– Referee for Thin Solid Films, Acta Materialia, Physical Review Letters, Physical Review B, Journal of Chemical Physics, Applied Surface Science, Surface and Coatings Technology, Vacuum.

Teaching contributions

Current courses – Computational Physics, CDIO course in Advanced Physical Applications. Former courses – Undergraduate, Mathematical Methods in Physics.

– Computational methods in Materials Science.

Scholarships and awards

1994/1995 Postdoctoral Research Award – Swedish Natural Science Research Council. 1992 Australian Postgraduate Research Award.
1977 Second place at the National Phase of Physics Olympiad.