Who May Apply 

PAMS-2 is intended to provide an interdisciplinary expert training for young researchers, postdocs and MSc students working in the field of advanced materials and will feature plenary talks followed by lectures and a poster session.

The aim of PAMS-2 is to introduce the attendees in the topics covered by the ICPAM-11 scientific program, insisting on design, preparation, characterization and applications of advanced materials.

Attendees Selection Process

The attendees will be selected based on their abstract submitted online (no more than 2000 characters, including spaces), dealing with their previous research using Conference online-management system (www.abstractcentral.ro).

arrow When submitting abstract using our platform, select only PAMS-2 category. If you already submitted to another category, please send us an e-mail at [email protected] mentioning this fact. Please follow the instructions given on the respective site choosing topic PAMS-2.

Abstracts must be submitted prior to the August 18, 2016 deadline.

The selection process will be according to scientific excellence and will be closed on August 20, 2016.


Each participant should have a poster presentation. Posters will make the subject of a revision process and the best contributions will be awarded at the end of the School.

Participants in PAMS-2 may present in ICPAM-11, without paying an additional fee.

Every PAMS-2 participant will receive a notification for their attendance.

If you have any questions please contact I. Dumitru ([email protected]) or F. Iacomi ([email protected]).