To honor and encourage young scientists and students, the Organizing Committee has awarded a number of prizes, financially supported by the ICPAM sponsors and the Romanian Physical Society.

ICPAM-11 Awards:

The Awards are offered for the most original contributions of young scientists:

  • Sponsor’s Prize (300 EUR, offered by Al-Fateh & Sons Traders): Yasmine SASSA, for the invited presentation “ARPES evidence of charge density order in ortho-II YBa2Cu3O6.5 thin films”,
  • Ilie Bursuc Prize (200 EUR) is offered by Cristina David: Oana-Tereza CIUBOTARIU, for the poster presentation “Structural and magnetic properties of thin Yttrium Iron garnet films deposited by pulsed laser deposition”,
  • Neculai Sulițanu Prize (200 EUR) is offered by Alina Sulițanu: Yulia NAZARKINA, for the poster presentation“Properties and perspective applications of porous Al2O3 formed in selenic acid solution”,
  • Augustin Maior Prize (100 EUR): Maria TOMA, Faculty of Physics, Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania, for the poster presentation “Characterization of multifunctional thin films of ZnO co-doped with Al, Ga and rare earth elements”,
  • Ioan Ursu Prize (100 EUR): Lidia MAGERUSAN, for the poster presentation “Gold electrodes modified with N-doped graphene/chitosan nanocomposite for selective Pb(II) detection”.
  • ICPAM-11 Organizing Committee Award (100 EUR): Stefan-Andrei IRIMICIUC, for the oral presentation with the title “Space-and time-resolved Langmuir probe investigations of nanosecond laser ablation plasma plumes”,
  • Romanian Physical Society prize (500 RON): Roxana Diana PASCA, for the poster presentation “The interaction between collagen, hydroxyapatite and APTES Langmuir-Blodgett and AFM study”.

PAMS-2 Awards:

The Awards are offered for the most original contributions of young scientists:

  • Sponsor’s prize (300 EUR, offered by Al-Fateh & Sons Traders): Egor LEBEDEV,  for the poster presentation “Development of fabrication technology of all solid-state planar supercapacitor with electrodes based on CNT-nickel oxide composite”,
  • PAMS-2 Organizing Committee Award (100 EUR): Mihaela CHIS, for the poster presentation “Vibrational characterization of capecitabine and its active moiety 5-fluorouracil by SERS and DFT”,
  • Romanian Physical Society Prize (400 RON): Daniela DOGARU, for the poster presentation “Hybrid halide perovskite based solar cells”,
  • Romanian Physical Society Prize (300 RON): Emilia MUNTEAN,  for the poster presentation “The degradation effect of a plasma micro-jet discharge at the interaction with organic dyes”.

Eligibility and procedure

The prize winner must be the speaker of the presentation (oral or poster) .

Letters of application from the interested participants are accepted by the organizing committee, on the address [email protected], until the beginning of the conference. The letter must specify the age of the applicant, her/his current status (student, PhD student, researcher, etc.), as well as a statement, according to which the presented contribution has not been published in any journal or presented in any other Conference/ Seminar/ Symposium or submitted for consideration of any award.

The final selection for the Awards will be done by a specially constituted committee and the recipients of the prizes will be announced during the closing ceremony of ICPAM-11 and PAMS-2.


The committee for assessing the participants’ contributions:

  • Dietrich R.T. ZAHN, Chemnitz University of Technology, Germany,
  • Florencio SANCHEZ, Institut de Ciencia de Materials de Barcelona, Spain and
  • Iosif DEAC from Babes-Bolyai University, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.