Sigla ICPAM With the support of:
European Physical Society Autoritatea Nationala pentru Cercetare Stiintifica

9th International Conference on Physics of Advanced Materials
20 - 23 September 2012, Iasi, Romania

ICPAM-9 Awards

To honor and encourage young scientists and students, the Organizing Committee awarded a number of prizes, financially supported by the ICPAM-9 sponsors and the Romanian Physical Society.

Three Awards were offered for the most original contributions of young scientists

I. D. Bursuc Prize
, was offered by Cristina David (200 EUR) to:
Florin Comanescu for the presentation: Optically transparent n-channel thin film transistor based on wide band gap oxide semiconductors

N. Sulitanu Prize
, was offered by Alina Sulitanu (200 EUR) to:
James Bailey for the presentation: Thin film polymer photonics: Spin cast distributed Bragg reflectors

ICPAM-9 Sponsor's Prize
, was offered by American Elements (200 EUR) to:
Luiza Buimaga-Iarinca for the presentation: Electronic structure of cysteine dimmers adsorbed on gold: a DFT study

Two Awards for students (under the age of 30) were offered by the Romanian Physical Society:

Prize for the best poster contribution
(200 Lei) to:
Kostiantyn Lykhnytskyi for the presentation: Development and optimization of composite non-noble catalysts for oxygen reduction

Prize for the best oral contribution
(200 Lei) to:
Leontin Padurariu for the presentation: Tailoring dc-tunability properties by local field engineering in ferroelectric structures

Two Awards for young scientists were offered by the ICPAM 9 Organizing Committee:

Prize for the best poster contribution (Poster Session 1)
(200 Lei) to:
Roxana Jijie for the presentation: Application of spectroscopic techniques for studying the effects of non-thermal plasma on biomacromolecules

Prize for the best poster contribution (Poster Session 2)
(200 Lei) to:
Cristina Pachiu for the presentation: Defect layers in one dimensional phononic material

Eligibility and procedure

The prize winner must be the speaker of the presentation (oral or poster).

Letters of application from the interested participants are accepted by the organizing committee, on the address [email protected], until the beginning of the conference. The letter must specify the age of the applicant, her/his current status (student, PhD student, researcher, etc.), as well as a statement, according to which the paper has not been published in any journal or presented in any other Conference/ Seminar/ Symposium or submitted for consideration of any award.

The final selection for the Awards will be done by a specially constituted committee and the recipients of the prizes will be announced during the closing ceremony of ICPAM-9.